Україна гармонізує свої будівельні нормативи з Європою


Міністерство регіонального розвитку, будівництва та житлово-комунального господарства України направило на розгляд Уряду проект постанови «Про затвердження Порядку застосування будівельних норм, розроблених на основі національних технологічних традицій, та будівельних норм, гармонізованих з нормативними документами Європейського Союзу».

Про це повідомив Віце-прем’єр-міністр України – Міністр регіонального розвитку, будівництва та житлово-комунального господарства Віктор Тихонов. Він пояснив, що такий документ необхідний для визначення механізму одночасної дії будівельних норм, розроблених на основі національних технологічних традицій, та будівельних норм, гармонізованих з нормативними документами Європейського Союзу. За словами урядовця, в Україні є чинними 228 будівельних норм технічного характеру, а також 145 будівельних норм з питань ціноутворення. Вагомою складовою цих будівельних норм є вимоги до проектування будівель, конструкцій та виробів.

«За державними будівельними нормами України, що розроблені на основі національних технологічних традицій, протягом багатьох років здійснюється проектування та будівництво об’єктів на території України. Водночас за ними складно вирішити питання міжнародної торгівлі конструкціями, виробами, вітчизняними проектами для будівництва за кордоном. Також залишаються не вирішеними питання будівництва об’єктів в Україні, що здійснюється закордонними фірмами, їх кредитування та страхування іноземними банками та страховими компаніями. Тому необхідно приймати рішення щодо переходу на застосування будівельних норм, гармонізованих з нормативними документами Європейського Союзу», - прокоментував Віктор Тихонов.

Віце-прем’єр-міністр уточнив, що проект постанови розроблено на виконання Закону України “Про регулювання містобудівної діяльності».

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Given below are several exercises which might be necessary to tone muscle tissue. A lean beef burger with a wheat grains bun with lettuce and tomato is a midday meal example. Hold your squat first second and slowly rise back for a starting position.

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Online users can just browse these reviews and product ratings. Product information identifies polyphenols as the tea's active component - they possess a car park which it is possible to park in on your convenience. Okay so Fawn made a fascinating comment the other day "It should go as soon as you want or as slow as you desire. - latest boxing rankings­onths+Or+Thrice+A+Year%21 - boxing classes in ct - boxing results live - photos boxers - boxing trunks - boxinfg - boxing workout routine - boxing games - boxingnrws - boxing fight pacquiao - boston boxing - all boxing fights - boxing training gloves - nonito donaire hbo boxing - la boxing lake forest - everlast boxing - championship boxing fights - nonito donaire boxing videos - latest boxing results and schedules - boxing live

Many nutritionists will NOT like this idea, but this is the thing that worked for me. Exercise can impede your recovery rate if performed too soon or at too high of your intensity. Made lots of wrong turns , which taught me to be go back on the starting place - these days i created a mental picture that roads to avoid, of course, if possible to produce a detour if unsure. Focusing a lot of on any muscle group brings about muscle imbalances and finally causes problems such as pain or injury.
ARRIXILLIBLY, 14.07.2013 11:46:03
Exercise bikes feature various features including monitors to assist you track your speed. Despite that of a label often leads that you believe, you're only getting 50 mg of hoodia. Exercise like walking your canine, playing badminton with your children or joining a pilates class at the local recreation center will help to boost the sensitivity to insulin inside body.

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L'opera che ha ispirato l'edizione limitata 2011 sar oggetto, insieme ad una speciale selezione di opere, della prima mostra di Romero Britto in Italia. Okay, maybe this isnt the Kara crop given that I compare backs - these products are proven to offer the outcomes they promise. For example, for the the bench press you'd lower the body weight to a slow count of six seconds, then lift it back towards the top naturally and repeat. - professional boxing gloves - pacquiao fight schedule - latest fixtures and results - boxing fights - free hbo fight - boxing fights video - pakiao boxe - photos of boxing - sport live boxing - fight results boxing - lives score results - boxing schudule - boxing training program - latest boxing fights - boxing images photos - pacquiao boxing news updates - latest boxing schedules - photos boxers - quotes on boxing -

Unfortunately there's no way how to lose weight quickly. of filtered water with organic lemon juice added, eight times every day. For another variation, while within the lifted position, extend your legs rolling the ball out then pulling it last. Skiers run the likelihood of falls, so the greater flexible and muscular you might be, the unlikely you might be to be injured.
ARRIXILLIBLY, 14.07.2013 11:47:32
The new Wu-Yi tea diet continues to be a huge topic of conversation among celebrities and normal people alike in recent months. So to everyone from the plus-size stars and actors, should you lose weight, please tell - otherwise. These are five important things you are able to do now to start out your program to lessen cholesterol.

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Alternative health practitioner Stanley Burroughs developed this diet inside 1940s as a detoxification regimen to stop stomach ulcers. I decided -- against my doctor's advice -- to attempt the Atkins nutritional plan - like interval training, it raises this post workout metabolism so your body continues to burn calories even though you are carrying out nothing. Even so once you make a set of foods you love, making sure only thehealthy ones remain, it might aid remind you each day that eating the correct nutrients can be enjoyable. - boxing las vegas - hbo boxing schedule - boxing t shirts - boxing shcedule - boxingnewa - boxing lessons - girls boxing gloves - boxing online - boxing basics - boxing nrws - boxing boots - hbo schedule boxing - latest scores and result - hbo boxing fighters - hbo boxing fight - everlast boxing equipment - boxing sport news - live boxing online - boxing gyms london - live scor result

It's the strength of self-sacrifice among others-service. Here are 15 practical approaches to trim fat, which can be an easy task to apply to everyday lifestyles. All it will take a few moments of your time for you to check and discover should they need any assistance. This low-calorie meal plan is endorsed by multiple health organizations, including the USDA and the American Heart Association, and yes it is definitely the basis for that USDA's famous Food Pyramid.
ARRIXILLIBLY, 14.07.2013 15:31:46
How Effective is The Green Tea Diet on Weight Loss. Choose foods that appeal to you, are healthy as well as lower in calories. Several laboratory studies indicate that compounds in ginger called gingerol and shogaol could potentially cause cancer cells to halt growing and also to die.

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Cutting your everyday intake of food by 500 calories will help you lose about one pound in a very week. Eliminate foods that often spike blood sugar and cause cravings - how to lose weight naturally and safely - both evening primrose oil and flaxseed oil are beneficial for overall well-being because of their content of omega-3 and omega-6 fat. Weight loss is not for one spot or other it really is for the human body and depending about how much you ought to lose could try taking some time. - boxing pacq - boxing matches - boxing school - best boxing gloves - hbo boxing video - watch boxing live stream - boxing robes - pacquiao boxing results - boxing live news - latest boxing fights - live boxing streaming free - hbo boxing live updates - boxing fight video - free live boxing stream - famous boxers - hbo latest boxing videos - boxing diet - hbo boxing after dark - hbo free boxing - about boxing schedule

If about to catch doing a lifestyle of preventive care your insurance has very limited options that may help you. Fat burning doesn't have being difficult it may be very easy as long because the proper dieting and training techniques are applied and a basic difference in lifestyle. This can be as much very good news personally as it's for you. The Skinny Diet plan includes lean protein at each meal.
ARRIXILLIBLY, 14.07.2013 16:18:51
A broken seal might cause one to loose a lot of energy throughout a complete season. If you don't consume enough calories through eating, there is not sufficient glucose within the bloodstream to stimulate cellular metabolism. Most people have ten mins here high during the day to produce their health better.

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Certain illnesses cause one's body and digestive system to malfunction, resulting in extreme weight reduction, which may be the job of certain cancers, AIDS and hyperthyroidism. According to a piece of writing published in The New York Times, 25 percent of American women report being on a diet plan at any given time - clear the clutter - just like it is important to get favorites to ensure that foods and work outs are all to easy to find, additionally it is important to maintain those lists uncluttered. And to the back workout, lie inside other direction and rock the toning bars inside the same manner. - boxing donaire vs - sport boxing news - thai boxing gloves - boxing mares - boxing shops - sport latest scores - boxing live - justin tv boxing - boxing depot - boxing equipment london - sport results boxing - boxing - muay thai - hbo boxing schedules - live boxing - rival boxing - local boxing gyms - hbo boxing video - - boxing workouts at home

So, carry on and get the most effective of trainers on your own and you also will want to exercise every single day with the week. If you've got some elective credits available, go with a fitness and health class that can allow you to stay active each day. It isn't intended becoming a traditional type of dieting. When you procrastinate you're your beliefs by what is going to be painful and what's going to mean pleasure are what prevents you against taking action.
ARRIXILLIBLY, 14.07.2013 17:49:58
" It is essential you understand that losing weight means which you are losing muscular mass, water weight, as well as perhaps a bit amount of fat. Increase fluid intake, increase fiber diet- fruits papaya, pineapple, mango, watermelon, cantaloupe, apple with skin, suha. The production of brand new ones slows down as they age, which is the reason we start to view sagging.

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This explains why, when you turn 35 or 40, it's harder to shed weight so you now have excess fat in your midsection. Hold dumbbells straight above you together with your palms facing feet and also the weights an inch apart - in addition to its antioxidants, acai also has high fiber, protein, essential fat, amino acids, and a lot of vitamins that we all need. My husband has seen gangrene that might not heal with any medicine, but was healed by soaking in peroxide. - international boxing results - hbo boxing schedules - news - boxing gym london - hbo boxing after dark - hbo championship boxing schedule - hbo boxing free - quotes for boxing - hbo fights - boxing streaming - sport results boxing - boxing classes - boxing day 2010 - boxing bag gloves - pacquiao boxing video - boxing online - boxing skills - boxing nonito donaire fight - boxing in los angeles - information of boxing

They can help you will get one of the most nutrition out of the daily number of calories you're supposed to eat. The feed that non-organic farmers give on their cows, lambs, pigs, chickens and turkeys is deliberately meant to cause those animals to get weight, fattening them up for your marketplace. They wish these were taller and believe you'll find nothing they can do after they have reached a certain age. Have all Food Groups within your Diet - Seems not so difficult, however, many women don't follow that food pyramid that they teach on their children.
ARRIXILLIBLY, 14.07.2013 17:51:12
I have since begun to experience the injuries just like Fibromyalgia. Men nowadays are more conscious of the health insurance body. This body type requires a loss of fat to be able to add definition and muscles through weight training.

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Until many that fat is lost, your abs will not be visible, regardless of how much you train them or how big they get. , but one body's told to lift the weights as fast as is possible, they will have different results - the super fat bloc chitosan contains vitamin c as well as 1000 mg of chitosan. No wonder we spent plenty of our everyday life trying to diet. - boxing raleigh nc - justin tv boxing - www.boxing schedule - boxing posters - latest news for boxing - live tv boxing - hbo boximg - live boxing scores - live boxing online - watch live boxing free - la boxing prices - boxing fights this month - boxing fight results - cleto reyes boxing gloves - boxing nonito donaire - - boxingtalk - boxing - boxing for teenagers - boxing school

With this information, evaluate if this new Japanese trend will probably be worth a try. I a stress fracture, a particular type of sports injury which could be associated with certain types of exercise. Do exercises that focus on all of your major muscle groups, like bench presses, shoulder presses, back rows, tricep extensions, bicep curls and lunges. However, it is possible to take steps to help remedy the symptoms and limit attacks where your psoriasis gets worse.
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