Україна гармонізує свої будівельні нормативи з Європою


Міністерство регіонального розвитку, будівництва та житлово-комунального господарства України направило на розгляд Уряду проект постанови «Про затвердження Порядку застосування будівельних норм, розроблених на основі національних технологічних традицій, та будівельних норм, гармонізованих з нормативними документами Європейського Союзу».

Про це повідомив Віце-прем’єр-міністр України – Міністр регіонального розвитку, будівництва та житлово-комунального господарства Віктор Тихонов. Він пояснив, що такий документ необхідний для визначення механізму одночасної дії будівельних норм, розроблених на основі національних технологічних традицій, та будівельних норм, гармонізованих з нормативними документами Європейського Союзу. За словами урядовця, в Україні є чинними 228 будівельних норм технічного характеру, а також 145 будівельних норм з питань ціноутворення. Вагомою складовою цих будівельних норм є вимоги до проектування будівель, конструкцій та виробів.

«За державними будівельними нормами України, що розроблені на основі національних технологічних традицій, протягом багатьох років здійснюється проектування та будівництво об’єктів на території України. Водночас за ними складно вирішити питання міжнародної торгівлі конструкціями, виробами, вітчизняними проектами для будівництва за кордоном. Також залишаються не вирішеними питання будівництва об’єктів в Україні, що здійснюється закордонними фірмами, їх кредитування та страхування іноземними банками та страховими компаніями. Тому необхідно приймати рішення щодо переходу на застосування будівельних норм, гармонізованих з нормативними документами Європейського Союзу», - прокоментував Віктор Тихонов.

Віце-прем’єр-міністр уточнив, що проект постанови розроблено на виконання Закону України “Про регулювання містобудівної діяльності».

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Avoid diets that give attention to drastically cutting calories. I guess one other thing that I'm finding now with regards to energy for walking and thus forth. Add strength training in addition in your regular workout to enhance your metabolism.

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As a parent, wife, housekeeper that i'm starting my own business from home. Taking them in when a week or by slowly decreasing the application of them may be a great option - with everything, dieting properly is often a operate in progress knowning that work in progress lasts your life time. Drink a lot more than 8 portions of water daily to detoxify one's body. - boxing moves - hbo boxing results live - videos of boxing - boxing schedule - nonito donaire boxing videos - hbo boxing results live - boxing las vegas - information about boxing sport - boxing free - boxing.con - boxing results today - best boxing news website - hbo oxing - pacquiao news latest - boxing trunks - everlast boxing gloves - boxing training equipment - boxing news video - boxing robes - live boxing stream

You wantyou would likeyou want to reduce poundsshed weightlose the pounds now. Even though Liposuction removes fatty deposits which is not removed by exercises, we have to bear in mind that it could not be an substitute for healthy eating and exercising. Preparations that use steaming, boiling or roasting as an alternative to frying in ghee--clarified butter--are fantastic choices for any low-fat diet. The basis of the study may be the premise that cold water taken after meals will solidify the fatty substances that could bring about indigestion, acid reflux disorder and even coronary disease.
ARRIXILLIBLY, 13.07.2013 17:30:41
Thus, they could make product label or advertising claims which may have not been backed by credible scientific research, there's no guarantee that they're going to work to suit your needs. So during an apple day one does not eat any food except 6 apples. While jogging can effectively cause weight-loss, it is also a high-impact activity that can carry risks.

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Since that will not happen, you'll not lose an excessive amount of muscular tissues which will probably be a significant advantage when you recover from a injury and therefore are able to come back to normal activity. It is my goal to attempt to follow this plan of action as closely as you can - if you prefer cycling but don't believe it is a frightening workout, consider joining an internal group cycling class your gym. Eating a lot more than one being listed about the label is OK, as long as you budget for this. - boxing in las vegas - hbo fighting - professional boxing - boxing los angeles - boxing a sport - boxing co - boxing live online - boxing equipment uk - www.boxing - everlast boxing gloves - championship boxing schedule - hbo bixing - nonito donaire boxing result - san diego boxing - hbo sport live - latest in boxing news - girls boxing gloves - cat box - boxing schedule - boxing live commentary

This can be a reasonably easy to utilize diet, therefore it is here to become quite successful. Perform a cardio workout at the very least thrice a week and preferably five or higher times, building approximately this amount as needed. Understand that fitness is most easily attained when dealt with daily. It is definitely a detoxification diet in which the body is cleansed from the toxins that get accumulated on account of unhealthy life style.
ARRIXILLIBLY, 13.07.2013 18:11:32
It's imperative that you remember that celebrities are human too and so they struggle with weight issues much like we all do. From there, the very best home workout equipment for guys is certainly going to get multifunctional. Adrian is dead and Rocky is fighting to be with her to prove the guy can go the space.

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It seems that there are extremely many options for weight loss, but who would be to say that's correct. Slower bend your legs to reduce your system in a squat - hay temblor de manos y piernas, pero no de nervios o ansiedad, sino por el brutal fro que lleg desde temprano, durante el medio da. The softer wheels offer you more endurance and they are usually wear the longer boards. - boxing hand wraps - boxing scheduale - brandon rнos - boxing clothes - boxing results latest - boxing gyms near me - fight results boxing - boxing in san diego - boxingvedeo - rios video - usa boxing - boxing tickets - boxing results today - hbo boxing live updates - showtime boxing - official boxing rankings - boxing for kids - rios boxing - boxing - boxing for free

However, subtle manipulation of dieting replete with nutrient dense foods and planning meals around training session times may help you will get muscle and slim down simultaneously. The best type of exercise for losing weight and slimming down are cardio workouts. Can Getting Off Gluten & Dairy Make You Gain Weight. Almonds - Unfortunately I started from salted almonds.
ARRIXILLIBLY, 13.07.2013 22:26:30
I immediately went on the web and ordered one which day and couldn't wait to obtain it. Aside from being the world's largest exporter and producer of teas in line with China and Sri Lanka, Indian teas may also be famous of the black teas. If you actually want to you might lose ten pounds inside a week by exercising vigorously and eating virtually nothing.

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When you read relating to the lines, you might see these folks were both on the same page. " Many women think that in order to they could get larger breasts it by permitting implants - protein-shakes - protein is crucial to one's body, for repair, to enable the disease fighting capability to work as well as for recovery from illness. Epigallocatechin gallate, or EGCG, can be a polyphenol present in green tea herb as well as catechin, epicatechin, proathocyanidins among others. - latest fixtures and results - boxing fights free - live boxing tv - latest news for pacquiao - boxing live news - hbo boxing fighters - boxing free - images for boxing - boxing - hbo boxing website - boxing hbo free - hbo sport live - hbo latest boxing videos - boxing pacquiao fight - boxing schedule hbo - lace up boxing gloves - boxing clubs near me - live boxing fight - donaire hbo fight - boxing nwws

Fiber Choice Fiber Supplement Weight Management: Sugar Free Strawberry. This Software Locates High Traffic Adsense Sites On First Page Of Search Engines Where To Advertise Cheaply Using Google Display Network. Being overweight just isn't just a simple health problem, it is complex. For some people, this may mean that you just enter into "abstinence," but most people usually do not have to get that extreme.
ARRIXILLIBLY, 13.07.2013 22:27:30
Outer clothing might help stabilize a pedometer attached on the waist band of undergarments. So if you're a lively executive looking to acquire lean, build muscle, and reduce weight, you are able to get yourself a great workout and shower in below 30 minutes each day. Fresh fruits and vegetables also contain a lot of water and will help the body stay properly hydrated, providing more energy and discouraging water retention.

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God's Word says, "Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, orwhatsoeverye do, doall on the glory of God. This sort of workout could be dangerous, as well as other varieties of aerobic exercises are also effective - regular exercise will help reduce your blood pressure which will help prevent hypertension. Diets very an excellent source of protein can cause acidic urine that leaches calcium out with the body and leads to a greater risk for kidney stones and osteoporosis. - hbo bixing - hbo boxing pacquiao - history on boxing - latest professional boxing results - boxing class - twins boxing gloves - best boxing news website - boxing durham nc - live boxing - boxing fight results - sport of boxing - latest boxing schedules - hbo boxing highlights - marques vs paquiado - international boxing results - boxing stand - hbo fight - la boxing reviews - boxing news schedule - boxing fight schedule

There is no specific time, just at least once daily. Cut documented on carbonated drinks, artificial fruit drinks given that they have a very large amount of unnecessary added sugar and tea and coffee. If I choose, I could buy every one of the pastry I wanted, such as the whole store. Adding these two values gives you your average requirement of their time in calories per day.
ARRIXILLIBLY, 14.07.2013 02:33:17
This may be walking up the stairs rather than riding in the elevator, or parking farther out inside the parking lot instead of fighting for the spot right in front in the building. Your metabolism isn't up to it really is within the morning and throughout the day, so make use of computer if it's at its peak and never during sundown. The deception is not going to cure itself, proactive steps need to become taken with the people which can be aware from the situation as a way to protect the consumer.

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Forest and tree wall decals are a good approach to increase the calm undertones you need to cultivate at home. I am hoping to not put on weight, and search to sharing my journey to healing along with you - do weight lifting and cardiovascular exercises at the local gym no less than 3 times a week for between 30 to an hour per session. High blood pressure reversed totally as did high levels of insulin and fat abnormalities. - free streaming boxing - hbo after dark boxing - scores latest - boxing fights free - boxing live video - boxing apparel - boxing matches - schedule for boxing - boxing rangking - boxing supplies - latest boxing fight news - live boxing commentary - free live boxing fights - boxing club san diego - hbo boxing fight schedule - boxing stand - free boxing fight - boxing news live - watch live boxing free - latest boxing highlights

Lying flat on your own back, put your feet up for the balance ball or sofa. Tip #2 Don't miss a meal - There are more reported cases of ladies who were diagnosed with anorexia nervosa than men. Wish us luck, and we hope to get several of you join us on Jillian Michaels body revolution challenge. Benefits of Stretching - Many medical experts recommend yoga or tai chi to help manage stress.
ARRIXILLIBLY, 14.07.2013 03:45:17
Then, roll the ball forward and minimize your torso so that your particular back stays straight. High intensity interval training HIIT is really a great way to boost calorie burn during cardio workouts. A gallstone diet when followed is but one in the best gallstone remedies.

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Tighten your abdominal muscles with targeted exercises. The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons says to increase your quadriceps strength by doing some straight leg lifts - ginger is another herb that can improve your metabolic rate plus enable you to to detoxify. Bone is made by muscles pulling around the bone so walking might help build healthy, strong bones. - november boxing schedule - pacquiao hbo fight - professional boxing gloves - pacquiao fighting - boxing game online - boxing rios - boxing stuff - boxing schedule los angeles - hbo boxing videos - boxing results today - boxing london - nonito donaire video - boxing training - watch live boxing free online - boxes - live scores boxing - boxing nres - photos of boxing - boxing info - live fixtures and scores

Working out using a ball makes it possible to maintain proper positioning and encourages balance and proper posture. What is actually unique for the Peter Thomas Roth Clinical Skin Care Products line isn't just the products but the history and philosophy from that this products were created. As there is absolutely no cure, they've no choice but to adopt daily insulin shots so that you can survive. Hold this guitar rock band with your hands and provide this rock band to your forehead.
ARRIXILLIBLY, 14.07.2013 05:15:07
In January I cut back my calories to about 1000 every day, go towards the gym 4 times weekly yet still no weight reduction since January. Heredity and hormones are two well-known contributors to abdominal putting on weight. To really have the most out of your respective shakes, you could wish to give a liquid or powder protein supplement, because this is really a convenient way to obtain the excess protein you need without a great deal of extra calories.

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Aim for the slow, steady fat loss of merely one or 2 pounds per week. At this stage, most dieting tips fail no matter how these people try - of course, as mentioned earlier, go easy on the body with all the exercises; do not put one's body under undue strain. The fat cells stored inside abdominal area may actually emit more harmful chemicals than fat cells in other regions with the body. - hbo free boxing - la boxing - boxing clubs near me - professional boxing gloves - live boxing donaire - boxing trainers - www.boxing - donaire boxing schedule - pro boxing gloves - boxing images photos - latest news about boxing - boxing latest videos - nonito donaire hbo boxing - boxing apparel - rival boxing - boxing schedule hbo - warrior boxing - boxing fight schedules - live boxing fights free - best boxing images

The American Heart Association recommends consume what is known as being a heart-healthy diet which is lower in fat and high in nutrients. I store it in tin foil in tupperware in the freezer. Let me show you a bit more about these 2 supplements and what they did personally and my weight reduction. And what is best suited now may 't be true a number of years from now.
ARRIXILLIBLY, 14.07.2013 05:25:11
Therefore, it can be important to go ahead and take factors in the above list into consideration in your child's life to make sure which they be involved in exercise. This will accommodate sufficient time for you to recuperate from the season also to refocus your goals to the next season. Permanent, safe weight reduction can be a slow process and attempting to speed up with unhealthy diets or excessive exercise often backfires.

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Cut back for the calories in case your arms are certainly not the sole area of fat on your body. Yes some animals will notice this change and definately will refuse to consume if your food isn't in a very certain bowl - you can also do these exercises that the gym has on the treadmill, an fitness bike or even a cross-train machine. Every now and then, though, I'd slip, coming right back to where I'd been before, all my hard work wasted. - watch boxing live stream - hbo sport boxing - hbo boxibg - heavyweight boxing - sport latest scores - boxing gloves sale - boxing in san diego - hbo boxing results last night - pugilist boxing - latest result­a+At+Home%21 - live free boxing - main event boxing gloves - news - hbo boxing video - boxing news hbo - donaire hbo fight - watch live boxing free - boxing class - boxing results uk - sports boxing results

This could be the number one thing most people forget so they feel that they may be wasting their time simply because they're not losing any weight and give up altogether. When your brain senses that available calories are low, it activates the creation of hormones, like epinephrine and norepinephrine. With an extensive number of courses round the world, likelihood is you may play at the very least one course within your travels which takes that you great altitudes. As with lots of detoxification diets, dieters state they have fewer symptoms linked to high starch or high fat foods, including migraines and bowel problems.
ARRIXILLIBLY, 14.07.2013 09:55:09
Stick to low-calorie salad dressings and skip the cheese or croutons. By scaling down eating mental performance will be capable of register the meal within your stomach and signal that you stop before you take in a lot of. Sugars have a while to become totally flushed through the body and these are used before fats, so any carbs eaten could have to get gone before your body even starts working about the fat it contains.

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The supplement industry sells over 20 billion dollars importance of products every year. If along with running, you will achieve great results in the much shorter duration of time - is the 5 factor diet only the latest sparkly celebrity endorsed diet. Those 20 to a half-hour of exercise sure worth something in comparison to just sitting in front from the tv and eating those junk food. - boxing fight - schedule boxing fights - nonito donaire boxing videos - latest fight in boxing - boxing weight classes - hbo boxing fights - box tv - latest scores and result - boxing shorts - sport results boxing - boxing clothing - live - - november boxing schedule - hbo free boxing - free boxing fight live - watch boxing online - amateur boxing - pacquiao boxing results - latest news about boxing

The Harvard School of Public Health recommends an ambition that could reach over 20g of fiber each day for ladies well as over 30g every day for guys. Aim to reduce your consumption of calories by 500 calories per day to lose a pound a week. In addition, skipping breakfast may have serious health consequences. Bitter orange is believed to cause blood pressure to improve.
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