Україна гармонізує свої будівельні нормативи з Європою


Міністерство регіонального розвитку, будівництва та житлово-комунального господарства України направило на розгляд Уряду проект постанови «Про затвердження Порядку застосування будівельних норм, розроблених на основі національних технологічних традицій, та будівельних норм, гармонізованих з нормативними документами Європейського Союзу».

Про це повідомив Віце-прем’єр-міністр України – Міністр регіонального розвитку, будівництва та житлово-комунального господарства Віктор Тихонов. Він пояснив, що такий документ необхідний для визначення механізму одночасної дії будівельних норм, розроблених на основі національних технологічних традицій, та будівельних норм, гармонізованих з нормативними документами Європейського Союзу. За словами урядовця, в Україні є чинними 228 будівельних норм технічного характеру, а також 145 будівельних норм з питань ціноутворення. Вагомою складовою цих будівельних норм є вимоги до проектування будівель, конструкцій та виробів.

«За державними будівельними нормами України, що розроблені на основі національних технологічних традицій, протягом багатьох років здійснюється проектування та будівництво об’єктів на території України. Водночас за ними складно вирішити питання міжнародної торгівлі конструкціями, виробами, вітчизняними проектами для будівництва за кордоном. Також залишаються не вирішеними питання будівництва об’єктів в Україні, що здійснюється закордонними фірмами, їх кредитування та страхування іноземними банками та страховими компаніями. Тому необхідно приймати рішення щодо переходу на застосування будівельних норм, гармонізованих з нормативними документами Європейського Союзу», - прокоментував Віктор Тихонов.

Віце-прем’єр-міністр уточнив, що проект постанови розроблено на виконання Закону України “Про регулювання містобудівної діяльності».

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<p>"It was a while ago, but i think obviously you really have to analyze that game and take a good look at it to see where their team has evolved to from that point,"Defensive coordinator matt patricia said of the patriots' 31-30 loss at M&T Bank Stadium. "<You>look for] some of the things that caused you some issues in the first game <because> some of those concepts can repeat in the next game. "</p>
<p>INDIANAPOLIS--Justice cunningham was so irrelevant saturday the announcer initially uttered the wrong name.No, it's not justice hamilton.It's justice cunningham.Indianapolis selected the 6-Foot-4, 264-Pound tight end from south carolina with the 254th and final pick in the nfl draft saturday.Cunningham will be honored with a trip to disneyland and the irrelevant week parade in newport beach, calif., this summer. "I most definitely did hear it, and i'll remember it,".Read full story</p>
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"It allows us to reach kids in thatMoment they want help,"Franklin said.It could be late at night.A childMight be a runaway, orMay have left a dangerous party.Drivers on all buses with"Safe place" signs will be trained to help,Franklin said.If a young person asks, the driver will call cocoon house to send a"Navigator,"A staffMember available around the clock to pick up that child or teen.Help could be as simple as a ride home, or as comprehensive as emergency shelter and counseling. "It's an exceptional program,"Franklin saidcoon House will officially launch National Safe place at Saturday's grand opening of its new Cocoon Outreach Center in Everett.The event, open to the public, is set for 10 a.M.To 2 p.M.Saturday at the center at 1421 broadway.The two-Story outreach center is several blocks north of the former cocoon house u-Turn drop-In center.That facility was in leased space. Cocoon House used grantMoney to buy and renovate the building for its new outreach center, formerly Old WestMortgage. The new center isMore than double the size of the old U-Turn site, with upstairs space for a worksource representative and a drug and alcohol treatment coordinator from catholic community services.There's room, too, for a shower and full kitchen. "It's a wonderful space,"Franklin said.The new center will have cocoon house staff to help kids with housing and counseling information, school goals or reconnecting with family.Many teens on the streets are involved in gangs or are sexually exploited, she said. "It's nice to have all those services right there, with food, a place to get inside from the rain, so they can just spend time being a kid again,"Franklin said. National Safe place is oneMore way to help get kids off the streets.Franklin said Safe place signs will be displayed first on Everett Transit buses, but the programMay grow to include libraries and other venues. Although it's a partnership with Everett Transit,Franklin said Cocoon House is the lead agency for the program here. With a cost of about $70, 000 per year,Most of that for staff time, National Safe place is supported locally by the Evertrust Foundation, the Howarth Foundation and individual donors. "We are still in search of additional funding partners,"Franklin said.Steffani lillie, an everett transit spokeswoman, isn't sure when signs will go up on buses, but said tuesday that cocoon house and transit agency administrators recently took part in safe place training.Driver training will follow that, she said. "We're still working out logistics,"Lillie said. Along with Cocoon House navigators, transit inspectorsMay also be called upon to take kids to Safe places, she said. "We currently operate in 41 of 50 states at nearly 20, 000 safe place locations,"Said hillary bond, a spokeswoman for national safe place.Based in louisville, ky., the program was started in 1983. National Safe place has been in operation in King County about two years,Franklin said.While cocoon house is licensed to run the program in snohomish county, in the seattle area it is run by youthcare.Around the country,Bond said, safe place signs are up in buses, ymcas, fire stations, grocery stores and fast-Food restaurants. "TeensMay be experiencing a family crisis, bullying or sexual identity issues.We want them to seek help,"Bond said. "The ultimate goal is to reunite the child with their family, if possible. "JulieMuhlstein:425-339-3460,Muhlstein@heraldnetm.Grand openingthe cocoon house outreach center will host a grand opening 10 a.M. -2 p.M.Saturday at its new facility, 1421 broadway, everett.It will include the launch of national safe place.Rsvp requested, not required;Email juliortes@cocoonhouseinformation about cocoon house:Cocoonhouse/indexinformation about national safe place:Nationalsafeplace<br /><br />I just don t understand why they go back to those 2 seasons so much.They didn t win the super bowl, they didn t win the conference championships.They haven t been afc champs.They haven t been afceast champs either.They are just like any other team having an average season, getting a wildcard spot, and <b><a href="">wholesale jerseys cheap</a></b> winning 2 games<br />Catching the football properly and effectively is fundamental to a strong offense.A great catch can be broken down into three steps:First, keep your arms extended out in front of your body with your hands out forming an imaginary triangle with your fingers and thumbs.Second, follow the ball with your eyes from the first time you see it in the air until it is securely placed in a tight hold.Third, secure the ball tight and high against your ribs, forearm, and biceps.Bad habits can form easily as many receivers look away mid catch to scan the field for defenders.This error leads to incomplete passes or worse, a fumble.To overcome this habit set up a simple drill where two players pass the ball to each other stopping at each critical step:The catch, the follow through, and the tuck. <br />Koones devotes a fair amount of text to explaining the ways her 32 houses deliver the energy efficiency their owners sought.A telling detail is the hers rating scores.Hers, which stands for home energy rating system, compares the energy efficiency of a building envelope to <b><a href="">nfl jerseys for cheap</a></b> a house built to the model energy code for 2006.A house meeting that standard is rated at 100. <br /><br />
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For 2 days straight, stick to the colon detox system, and as opposed to eating plenty of meat and cheese, try and eat vegetables and fruit. Eating breakfast can perform a lot of wonder in giving you a brain and productivity boost, starting your day off right, and determining your appetite as well. Obsessive compulsive issues to food and unrelated to food need to get addressed. For individuals being affected by influenza, also known as the flu, Resveratrol continues to be proven to steer clear of the continued reproduction from the winter flu if taken within six hours of infection.
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A book club wants to introduce your book to its members near your publication date so that you can reap some benefits from the reviews and publicity which you will be generating as soon as your book is launched. Maxxus home fitness space benefits - There are lots of important things about applying this equipment in order to get the body in great shape. Sometimes ,if your men dont do masturbation or intercourse for any long period of time ,like two monts,then your changes of early discharge is high.

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When the rings were aligned on the top of each one other so that the blades ran parallel, a potato or even an onion pushed through tummy flatness, although in perfect slices. That juncture is vital to your personal weight claim. If you just aren't feeling any exertion or maybe your heart rate would be to low, pick up the pace. I have realized this being particularly limiting in Chicago and in all likelihood applies to locations in other large cities.
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Your body needs a little quantity of healthy fats, which aid in essential vitamin absorption. It starts which has a good foundation: increasing metabolism, exercising, and keeping a food journal. Buy non-toasted muesli instead with the toasted ones.

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By providing an after market because of these fantastic fat burning capacity machines now they're available towards the masses. Bend your knees slowly about 6 inches; then hold it for three seconds. Aerobics, jogging, cycling, swimming and hiking are just a few types of effective cardio workouts. In addition, a study in the August 2008 issue from the "Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology" found out that Coenzyme Q10 supplementation could increase weight loss during exercise.
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