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  2. tbilisi centrali- недвижимость батуми.

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  3. Georgia/Batumi (Europe Square-Batumi Boulevard) Part 39

  4. Welcome to my travelchannel.On my channel you can find almost 1000 films of more than 70 countries. See the playlist on my youtube channel.Enjoy! (Georgian: ბათუმი ) is the second largest city of Georgia, located on the coast of the Black Sea in the country’s southwest. Situated in a subtropical zone near the foot of the Lesser Caucasus Mountains, Batumi is a popular tourist destination known for its varying weather–it is a bustling seaside resort during warm seasons, but can get entirely covered in snow during winter. Much of Batumi's economy revolves around tourism and gambling, but the city is also an important sea port and includes industries like shipbuilding, food processing and light manufacturing. Since 2010, Batumi has been transformed by the construction of modern high-rise buildings, as well as the restoration of classical 19th-century edifices lining its historic Old Town. Since the change of power in Adjara, Batumi has attracted international investors, and the prices of real estate in the city have trebled since 2001. In July 2007, the seat of the Constitutional Court of Georgia was moved from Tbilisi to Batumi to stimulate regional development. Several new hotels opened after 2009, first the Sheraton in 2010 and the Radisson Blu in 2011. The Trump Tower and the Kempinski was scheduled to open in 2013. The city features several casinos that attract tourists from Turkey, where gambling is illegal.Batumi was host to the Russian 12th Military Base. Following the Rose Revolution, the central government pushed for the removal of these forces and reached agreement in 2005 with Moscow. According to the agreement, the process of withdrawal was planned to be completed in 2008, but the Russians completed the transfer of the Batumi base to Georgia on November 13, 2007, ahead of schedule.In 2013, TAM GEO LLC announced it was investing $70 million to start construction of the 170-meter, 45-story mix-use complex Babillon Tower, which will be the tallest residential building in GeorgiaBatumi lies at the southern periphery of the oceanic climate (Cfb), but it is classified as humid subtropical (Cfa) according to Köppen's classification. The city's climate is heavily influenced by the onshore flow from the Black Sea and is subject to the orographic effect of the nearby hills and mountains, resulting in significant rainfall throughout most of the year, making Batumi the wettest city in both Georgia and the entire Caucasus Region.CityscapeBatumi's skyline has been transformed since 2007 with remarkable buildings and monuments of contemporary architecture, including:Radisson Blu hotel,Public Service Hall,Hilton Batumi,LeograndA large Kempinski hotel and casino is to open in 2013, a Hilton Hotel as well as a 47-storey Trump Tower is also planned.Wikipedia- .

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  5. Kapuzbaşı Şelaleleri

  6. Haziran 2015'te yaptığımız Kapuzbaşı Turu.- .

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  7. Ollie's Bargain Outlet Grand Opening in Lansing

  8. Ollie's Bargain Outlet Grand Opening in Lansing, Michigan- .

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  9. თოვლი ბათუმში 26.01.2016

  10. Snow in Batumi- .

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